michael wood local in mt roskill


Mt Roskill is my home, the place I love.

Julie and I decided that this was where we wanted to settle and build our lives back in 2002, and we haven’t looked back. Our oldest boys go to one of our wonderful local public schools, I’ve spent time volunteering for many local community groups, we enjoy the stunning Waikowhai Coast where I tramp around in the bush trapping rats and possums, and of course both Julie and I have spent the past six years working on the Puketāpapa Local Board.

There are many things you can say about Roskill, but I reckon there is one idea at the heart of this community:

It’s a place where people come to get a start.

Over generations, people from all corners of the world, from different classes and backgrounds, have come here to put down roots and build a good life for their families.

That simple idea still exists, but there issues we need to tackle if we want to ensure it is a reality for people today and into the future. It’s time for action to ensure that housing is once again affordable and that every family has access to a warm, dry home. Our local police need better resourcing so that people are safe in their homes and businesses. And it’s time for action on transport, with investment in modern Light Rail to unclog our local roads.

Our community needs a strong voice to be heard. Roskill has given me a great deal, and I’m standing to be the Labour candidate in my community to ensure it has that voice.

Tell me what you think needs to be delivered for Mt Roskill.

Fill out the form and let me know what you think:

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